When Creation was at death’s door, an unassuming Dragon-Blooded soldier took command of an ancient Solar manse, and unleashed earthquakes, floods, and pillars of flame across Creation. She drove back the Fair Folk and saved a shattered world. This seat of power would become known as the Sword of Creation, and its power cemented the Scarlet Empress’s dominion over Creation.

This was 768 years ago. Five years ago, the Scarlet Empress disappeared, leaving her Realm and her lineage in quiet panic.

Four years ago, Uja Dahl abandoned the Immaculate Faith and his student, Ledaal Juto, to accept the many arms of the Unconquered Sun.

Two years ago, Iselsi Tian was betrayed by the people he swore his life to, and he died in the eyes of the Realm.

Youko, the Mountain, reclaimed her father’s hammer and witnessed a beam of sunlight brighten her path of revenge.

Neema floated down the Yanaze River, no longer hoping for a better life, but determined to build one for herself.

And finally, in penance for upholding a tyrannical state, Oset cast aside his own beauty and began following the footsteps of a righteous man.

The Great Houses of the Realm prepare for Civil War. House Mnemon tightens its grip on the satrapy of Jiara in desperation. And these five Solars will unite in the center of a revolution.

The Sword of Creation

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