Cerulean-Scaled Serpent

Bounty Hunter, Leader of the Desert Scorpions


Cerulean is a large, intimidating woman in bleached leather armor. She has the Firetongue characters for “FUCK YOU” shaved on the back of her head.


neema-cerulean-jd-01.jpgCerulean is the leader of the Desert Scorpions, and she frequently does work out of Gem for Rankar VII. For two years, she was tasked with tracking down Neemaweem, who had conned Rankar VII out of the Bracelet of Whispered Omens. Cerulean intercepted Neema and the bracelet when Neema returned to Nexus, meeting with Auspicious Caldera to retrieve the artifact in a bar in the Nighthammer District.

When Cerulean had Neema cornered in the bar, the soon-to-be-Solar took advantage of a number of distractions throughout the bar to escape, pick-pocketing a talisman that helped her slip into the crowd as the bar caught fire.

Neema faked her death in front of Cerulean, riding a runaway sloth-wagon into the polluted bay. It’s unclear if the bounty on Neema was closed after her “death,” but Cerulean may still pursue the Bracelet of Whispered Omens for her client.

Cerulean-Scaled Serpent

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