Manager of Youko's Mercenary Company, Youko's Girlfriend


Efi is a naturally cheerful and outgoing person. Because of her tiny size and excellent personality, people trust her easily, which is very helpful to Youko (whose appearance can be somewhat… off-putting). Her good graces can be tested, however, if you are silly enough to attack what she loves; namely, Youko, her large mercenary friends, and food. You may have heard she maimed 3 men and a T-Rex for deflating her soufflé one time. No one can find them, so we may never know for sure.

While Efi does not have Youko’s tactical brain and leadership skills, she has an un-ending reserve of hope, and a deep belief that good will always prevail. While initially irritating to the mercenary company, they have slowly realized there could be something to this “common good” she babbles on so incessantly about. They may even have decided to stick around to make a go of helping others… or they’re just too afraid of Youko to go anywhere. Youko, of course, finds Efi’s belief invaluable. It’s not nearly as easy to get lost in sad memories and righteous rage when you have your own personal ray of sunshine.


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