Prolix Ataraxy Capybara Ebb

Mercenary, Efi's Mischievous BFF


Generally called “Ebb,” unless their antics call for a sterner, full-name approach. Ebb’s parents had (obscenely) high hopes for their only child, but since they were both sadly killed in a sloth-boating incident, we don’t know if “joining a mercenary company at age 6 and making all the money” was included in those hopes.

Ebb shares Efi’s outgoing personality, and the two of them get along swimmingly. Though Ebb is only one year younger than Efi and Youko, they act much more their age than the two leaders. They’ve been known to fill empty saddlebags with dino dung, and tie shoelaces togeth- I mean, what? Who said that? Not me. Ebb is an angel. Ebb, please give me back my socks.

Prolix Ataraxy Capybara Ebb

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