Sri Crans

Second-in-Command of Youko's Mercenary Company


Sri is Youko’s second in command, and is one tough old broad, indeed. After the death of her son at the hands of a rival mercenary, she decided to join his old company and systematically annihilate all mercenaries. His company may have had some initial… reservations. However, she proved very helpful with the horses (and moose, and dinosaurs), and deadly with a dagger. The company figured she’d have to kill everyone else before she got around to them, so they welcomed her on board.

Youko had a difficult time trusting the mercenary company and their “me, myself, and I” way of life at first, and certainly wasn’t sure about trusting someone enough to elevate them to her level of authority. She was silently thankful when Sri finally revealed why she was traveling with the company, as she recognized Sri’s same all-consuming purpose in herself. Likewise, Sri saw herself truly reflected in another person, long after she had given up on ever having a meaningful connection again. Though their aims are different, Sri has sworn to help Youko achieve her goals. By whatever means necessary.

Sri Crans

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